Let’s meet Kazuki

Kazuki Morizane

Kazuki has been a student at Reaching High English school for about 7 years, and within that time a great many changes have occurred. Changes that have not just included the teaching methods, materials and appearance of the school, but great changes within Kazuki himself. It has made me proud to see Kazuki grow from someone who was not confident in his English skills to someone who takes pride in using English. He has become someone with the confidence to strive and better his skills and not be afraid to make mistakes, and to learn from those mistakes along the way.

In February this year, Kazuki had passed the level 4 Eiken examination. This June, Kazuki is aiming to pass the level three Eiken examination and I have full confidence that he will pass it. We are practicing every week in preparation of the examination. Kazuki is hoping that by early next year he will be able to pass the level pre-2 in the Eiken examination.


Let’s get to know Kazuki a little: Spoken Interview

Amber: Hello
Kazuki: Hello
Amber: What’s your name?
Kazuki: My name is Kazuki Morizane.
Amber: How old are you, Kazuki?
Kazuki: I’m thirteen years old.
Amber: How long have you been studying English?
Kazuki: I’ve studied English about 8 years.
Amber: 8 years, a long time! So, what do you like about English.
Kazuki: English is very interesting because sometimes English has different meanings.
Amber: Can you give me an example?
Kazuki: For example, objects are long and time is long.
Amber: Objects are long and time is long. Yes, you are very correct Kazuki. What do you want to be in the future?
Kazuki: I want to be a car engineer.
Amber: Oh! A car engineer. Very interesting. Good luck! One more question. Do you think that learning English is important?
Kazuki: Many people speak English all around the world. English is important to talk to many different people.
Amber: Fantastic! Thank you for answering my questions.

Welcome to Reaching High English School in Sendai


I am glad that you have found your way to us.  My apologies as this page is just starting and functions might be not working as expected, but fear not, we are in the process of fixing that.

Anyways’s, you may be wondering who I am?

Greetings, My name is Amber. I am the head of this small school, situated in Hachiman, Sendai. Born in Australia, I have been living in Sendai for the past 10 years. Within these 10 years of living here, the importance of studying and  knowing English in Japan has significantly increased. The government has seen this problem and invites more ALTs and foreign teachers to improve the language abilities of Japanese students, starting from the fifth grade – elementary school. However, through studies, it is known that children learn languages best from a really young age. So why wait so long? Let’s get these English skills started!

Sadly, though, even most of the English schools offering classes to children, don’t really have much classroom management skills. Many schools use untrained foreigners, who have no or very little Japanese abilities and experience with children. Doesn’t your child deserve the best possible teacher to improve their language skills receiving the best results for your hard earned money?

Here is where I come into the picture. Along with studying Education at university, and gaining certificates in other teaching fields, I also have years of experience in teaching children from the ages as young as one year old to the teenagers in High School. I am constantly researching modern pedagogical methods to improve and make learning English easy. At the same time, I have not lost aim of the children’s wants by keeping them engaged by making the lesson exciting, but educational. My own daughters are the best feedback I could ask for.
Reaching High is not only the school’s name, but also my motto. Let me help your child to reach highs in which you never thought possible for them.

Kids B class enjoying the lesson



In the next weeks and months this page will continue to grow. I will be reporting about new developments in learning methods, about Sendai itself and speak about my country of origin, Australia. Follow me on this journey and if you think I am the right person to teach your child, feel free to contact me any time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.