Rules and Reguations

1. About the lesson
· The number of lessons is based on the school’s schedule.

2. About the preview of the lesson

3. Tuition fee, annual fee fee, admission fee
· Tuition fee is prepaid. Please pay the monthly fee for the next month by the end of the month.
· Only month enrollment fee, you will receive a monthly payment in the calculation.
· There was a refund for the entry fee, annual fee, tuition fee once paid in
Please acknowledge it.

4. Withdrawal / Withdrawal
· Please contact me one month before your cancellation or withdrawal. Withdrawal meeting, suspension work by various procedures
I will consider it as completion of continuation. In the case of a holiday, after the holiday procedure is completed, the monthly membership fee will be suspended
I will do.

5. If you have trouble on the lesson
· If the student does not settle remarkably and interferes with the lesson, discharge from the hospital on the way due to the lecturer’s decision
I have sit down.
· If the same situation frequently occurs, we will cancel it. In this case, registration fee
Tuition fees will not be refunded.

6. About accidents inside and outside the school
· In this school, I join cram school general insurance. When an interpersonal / target accident occurs
Insurance will be applied, but in the case of cars and their accidents, cram school comprehensive insurance will not apply.
· We will not be liable for damages, thefts, losses of the student’s personal property.

7. About parking lot
· We are not responsible for any accidents in the parking lot of our school.

8. About Personal Information
· Provide the acquired personal information to a third party unless there is prior agreement from the customer
None. In the case of providing to a third party, you agree from the customer before providing information at the time of acquisition
I will get it.

9. About copyright
· With the consent of our school, which is the copyright holder, you, the copyrighted material, intangible know
Some information including how method is also included in the personal use of the customer specified by copyright law
Use, duplication, publication exceeding the scope, resale for the purpose of operating profit, resale etc.
You can not do.