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Using a variety of resources and successful pedagogy systems, we have a variety of classes to cater for each individuals needs.
In Reaching High English School our kids group classes are divided by age. Depending on the level of English by the student, we may also recommend they join a higher level group. 
Taking the phonics (how to learn English pronunciation and reading regularity), we aim to acquire comprehensive English ability to “read”, “write” and “speak”.
We use a variety of successful and innovative pedagogical methods with a vast variety of resources to cater for each individuals needs.

Why not make new friends and learn together as a team?

The group classes requires your child to work with others while learning English. At the same time the children make new friends and acquire skills, such as cooperation and teamwork. Research shows that group work can have a very positive impact on learning outcomes for many reasons. The group classes essentially creates an environment where students “teach” and practice the learned English skills through the use of role play and educational games.

Although, in the group lessons, each student learns at the same pace as everyone in the class, each lesson is designed to benefit each individuals learning style. There is also a flexibility in the lessons on what the students are wanting to focus on. If agreed upon other members, the lessons can focus on preparations for the next EIKEN examinations.

Benefits of group work.

  • Content is reinforced as students work together and “teach” each other.  This improves understanding through additional discussion and explanation.
  • Content may be broken down into parts.  This allows students to tackle larger and more complex problems than they would be able to do individually.
  • You form friendships which are sometimes long-lasting with peers in your group.
 Kids A Class (1 year old – 6 years)

Through songs, dancing, playing games and a variety of renowned resources, children will become accustomed to English and create “English knowledge”.
Through the use of phonics, children will also learn to read and pronounce simple English. 

Resources: Jolly Phonics, Let’s Go Beginner, Super Simple Songs .

Kids B Class (6 years old to 9 years old)

Through interactive games, text books, and role play, children will learn basic English skills. Little by little, the children will able to read and write, listen and respond, and clearly pronounce simple English . 

Resources:  Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar,  Let’s go levels 1 and 2

Kids C Class (9 years old – 12 years old)

Children’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing, abilities will improve to higher levels.  In the class, the children will gain these skills trough the use of renowned textbooks, role play and interactive games. Your child’s pronunciation, reading and spelling skills will improve through the teachings of phonics. 

Resources: Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, Let’s Go levels 3 and 4


Junior Senior Class (High school level)

In an all English Environment, student’s will enhance communication skills to express their thoughts in English.


One of the biggest advantages of private lessons is that the lessons can easily be customized to suit each student. Learners will benefit from the fact that a tutor can adjust the pace, focus and goals of a lesson depending on the needs and abilities of the student. These goals may include in the student needing to practice for the upcoming speech contest, or pronunciation practice for the next live gig. Also we can focus the lesson on studying for the next EIKEN or TOIEC examinations.
Another huge positive gained from private tuition is the amount of time a student will receive from a teacher.   As private lessons  are  on a one-to-one basis, teachers can focus their attention fully on a that student.

Benefits of private lessons:

    • Customized lessons to suit the student
    • One-to-one teaching, more time and attention focused in the student.
    • Can choose the right teacher.
    • Help with speeches, EIKEN and TOIEC

    • Flexible and convenient.
Private Kids Classes
Private Adult Classes


  • Membership fee 5,000 yen
  • Annual fee 4,000 yen (facility expenses, school insurance, teaching materials cost etc)
  • Text book fees*
    *Prices will vary. Please find prices on the resource page.
Class Fee
 Kids A Class
(1 yrs ~6yrs)
 4,536円 (2 x a month)  /  7,560円 (4 x a month)/   12,096円 (8 x a month)
 Kids B Class
(6yrs ~9yrs)
 4,860円 (2 x a month)   /  8,100円 (4 x a month)   /   12,960円 (8 x a month)
 Kids C Class
(9yrs ~12 yrs)
 4,860円 (2 x a month)   /  8,100円 (4 x a month)   /   12,960円 (8 x a month)
 Junior Senior Class
(high school)
 5,040円 (2 x a month)   /   8,400円 (4 x a month)   /  13,440円 (8 x a month)
Private lesson (30 min)
(Child and Adult)
6,000円  (2 x a month)    /  12,000円 (4 x a month) / 24, 000円 (8 x a month)
Private lesson (50 min)
(Child and Adult)
10,000円 (2 x a month)  /  20,000円 (4 x a month) /  40,000円 (8 x a month)

                                                              Please contact us if you have an inquiries in regarding the courses.


These schedules are for group lessons only. Group lesson dates cannot be changed.
Private lessons may  be booked anytime available within opening hours.